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Service Procedure

We have over 20 years A/C experience

During peak periods we service over 200 vehicles per week

■  Firstly the gas is analysed to check that it is not contaminated.​

■  All components are inspected and cab blowers work correctly.​​

■  System pressures are checked for high and low readings.​

■  Assess output temperatures using digital thermometers.​

■  Remove refrigerant from your system in to a recovery bottle 

■  The refrigerant is then measured by weighing the contents with digital scales.​


■  Pressurise system with oxygen-free-nitrogen to check for leaks​

■  If no leaks are found, the system is vacuumed to remove air and moisture out of the system.​


■  Oils are then injected in to the system to lubricate the system components.​

■  Ultra violet dyes can also be injected to help trace any future leaks.​


■  Recharge system using r134a refrigerant to the correct manufacture specifications.​


■  Re-assess system performance and inspect output temperature.

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